Elm | Hazelnut Macchiato | Candle



  • Warm mocha and toasted nuts finished with creamy vanilla. Tuck in to the warm embrace of the fall season with Elm, our hazelnut macchiato-scented candle.

    A luxurious, coconut apricot wax candle in a classic clear glass votive vessel with a wooden wick.  

  • Soft oriental. Gourmand.
    TOP: cocoa, espresso, hazelnut, coconut
    HEART: tonka bean
    BASE: woods, creamy vanilla
    • Contents: coconut apricot wax (contains a minute amount of food-grade paraffin); fragrance oils
    • Lead-free wooden wick made from native, sappy fruit trees sourced from FSC certified mills pat.www.lumetique.cm/patents
    • Clear glass vessel. 3.5”H, 3.1” diameter
    • Fill Net Wt. 9.5 oz.
  • Pro Tip: When your candle is done, repurpose the vessel. Some great ideas include a makeup brush holder or a small planter!