Gold Hand Holder Charm Necklace | Dagger, Moon, Mini Carnelian Charms


Hand Holder Necklace: 

This screw-lock clasp pendant looks great on its own, but looks even better when decorated with trinkets! Simply open the clasp and slide on a few of our irresistible charms.

Throughout time, hands have represented loyalty, strength, romance and fidelity. 

Sterling silver & 18kt gold veremil.

Dagger Charm:

Daggers are symbols of protection. Sterling Silver & 18kt gold vermeil.

Moon Charm:

The moon is a symbol of the cycles of life and has inspired humanity throughout the ages. This adorable charm set with white topaz - a stone of hope and inspiration. Sterling silver & 18kt gold vermeil and white topaz.

Mini Carnelian Charm:

Carnelian is a stone of motivation and energy. Sterling Silver & 18kt gold vermeil.