Masquerade Puzzle


Inspired by fond memories of childhood summers spent at a family cottage, her passion for animals, books, classic movies and sparkly things, Lisa paints nostalgic scenes with a touch of whimsy. After studying fine arts and literature, she began her painting career creating custom murals in homes and retail spaces. Lisa now paints in a little home studio outside of Toronto, Canada, where she lives with her husband, three dogs and a parrot.

Reflect on the day while you sit down with this 500 piece jigsaw of a woman in a elegant blue ball gown surrounded by her dapper dog friends wearing domino masks. Each puzzle activity features unique illustrations by top artists. With up to 1,000 pieces to put into place within the masterpiece, this is sure to keep you both entertained and challenged.

Puzzle away the time at home with an engrossing activity featuring unique illustrations by top GreenBox artists. This is a great solo pursuit or good fun for a crowd or family to enjoy together. With 500 or 1,000 pieces each, our puzzles are both entertaining and challenging.