Minerva | Butterbeer | Candle


Sweet and creamy with a buttery finish. Experience the magical, wizarding beverage of Minerva, our butterbeer-scented candle.

A luxurious, coconut apricot wax candle in a clear glass votive with a wooden wick.  

Soft oriental. Gourmand.
TOP: Coconut, Butter, Creamy Butterscotch
HEART: Caramel, Maple Sugar
BASE: Creamy Vanilla, Butter Rum

Inspiration. Three Broomsticks Inn, 1996. The children seem to be having fun. Wait, stop that, Weasley, sticky fingers! Oh, but that does look delicious! Better head to the back so they don’t see me. I’ll take a bowl of warm, frothy butterbeer, please. Yum. Sticky whiskers. Better go check on the children. Better take a nap first.   

  • Contents: coconut apricot wax (contains a minute amount of food-grade paraffin); fragrance oils
  • Lead-free wooden wick made from native, sappy fruit trees sourced from FSC certified mills pat.www.lumetique.cm/patents
  • Clear glass vessel. 4”H, 3” diameter
  • Fill Net Wt. 9.5oz.
  • Pro Tip: When your candle is done, repurpose the vessel. Some great ideas include a makeup brush holder or a small planter!