Samsāra | Spiced Sandalwood | Jar Candle


Warm and woody with a spicy finish. Create lasting and endearing memories with Saṃsāra, our spiced sandalwood-scented candle.

A luxurious, coconut apricot wax candle in an amber glass jar with a wooden wick and lid.  

Woody oriental.
TOP: spice
HEART: fir needles
BASE: warm sandalwood

Inspiration. A forest in Tamil Nadu, 1973. We always sneaked away to the forest during the holy days, when everyone was out celebrating and we could just go missing, for a little while. And when the forest became fragrant and still, and the sounds and smells of the festivities were distant and faint, we sat under a sandalwood tree to share sweet laddus and sweet kisses.

  • Contents: coconut apricot wax (contains a minute amount of food-grade paraffin); fragrance oils
  • Lead-free wooden wick made from native, sappy fruit trees sourced from FSC certified mills
  • Amber glass jar with gold metal lid. 3.37”H, 2.65” diameter
  • Fill Net Wt. 7oz.
  • Pro Tip: When your candle is done, repurpose the vessel. Some great ideas include a makeup brush holder or a small planter!