Surya | Amber & Wild Figs | Jar Candle


Perfumed citrus and creamy vanilla with a warm, powdery-sweet finish. Bask in the glorious smolder of Surya, our amber & wild fig-scented butterfly candle.

A luxurious, coconut apricot wax candle in an amber glass jar with a wooden wick and lid.   

Floral Oriental. 
TOP: figs, mandarin orange, bergamot
HEART: vanilla
BASE: patchouli, amber

Inspiration. Space, Until the end of Time. Her light radiates you. Her energy nourishes you. Her warmth embraces you. Her strength scorches you. Her retreat weakens you. Her return wakens you. And despite it all, her slightest tremble will make your entire world crumble. They say she is a daughter of the sun. A goddess.  

  • Contents: coconut apricot wax (contains a minute amount of food-grade paraffin); fragrance
  • Lead-free wooden wick made from native, sappy fruit trees sourced from FSC certified mills
  • Amber glass jar with gold metal lid. 3.37”H, 2.65” diameter
  • Fill Net Wt. 7oz.
  • Pro Tip: When your candle is done, repurpose the vessel. Some great ideas include a makeup brush holder or a small planter!