Unisex Wolf Necklace | 22"


The Wolf: Protective, caring and attentive to their mate and/or their pups, wolves are communal, family-oriented creatures. They raise their young together, they tend to their den together, and they hunt alongside one another.

Rangy, awe-inspiring and territorial. Solitary and communal. Tender, playful and considerate of its close ones. This blend of traits, while not uncommon in nature, is perhaps most potently captured (at least here in Canada) in the likeness of the wolf.

This two-layered pendant measures 2 1/2 cm x 2 cm x 1.5 mm thick, and is hung on a 22" curb chain. The pendant face is hammered to create texture, and the entire piece (including the chain) is blackened with an oxidizing patina to create a rustic and aged feel.

Each piece is crafted by hand, and may vary slightly from the photographs.